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Brake & Tyre checks for winter

December 21st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
A recent survey by Kwik-Fit showed that millions of British car owners are driving on winter roads without a “COAT.” COAT stands for Check Oil and Tyres, and despite the wintery driving conditions more than eight million motorists haven’t checked their vehicle’s oil and tyres in over six months. Furthermore, some 13.6 million motorists haven’t checked their batteries, at a time of year with high liklihood of battery failure – Kwik-Fit predicts that as many as one in six drivers will break down this winter with a flat battery. A further 25 per cent of motorists, Kwik-Fit continues, have left their brakes unchecked.
So instead of becoming one of these statistics and being left out in the cold this winter. There are three devices that prevent you from being in this situation
  • For Brake Testing try BrakeCheck the Brake Testing device for commercial vehicles
  • For flat batteries use SOS Battery Booster. This product can start heavy plant engines up to 1500HP which have been stationary for long periods, in extreme weather conditions and without batteries.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring is simple to assess with PressurePro.
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