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Tyre Pressure Monitoring – Fill Up With Air Campaign

November 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
Michelin is naming – and shaming – the ten locations in the UK where you are most likely, according to results from its 2009 Fill Up With Air campaign, to encounter motorists driving on dangerously under-inflated and even punctured tyres. The roadshow visited 24 cities around the UK during the summer, and checked more than 4,500 cars over a three-month period. And what did Michelin find out? It seems UK motorists are still unaware of how important it is to check tyres regularly. Liverpudlians were found to be the worst offenders, with more than half of the cars checked being driven with dangerously under-inflated tyres.

Tyre Pressure Monitoringis essential to ensure all vehicles are safe. By regulary checking a companys fleet of vehicles managers can ensure that they are considering the health and safety of their drivers. A great product that enables you to keep a constant eye on tyre pressure is PressurePro. This device removes the guesswork of determining the correct tyre pressure of your vehicles.

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