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Tyre Pressure Monitoring for Road Safety Week

November 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

As Road Safety Week continues, companies should focus on keeping their workforce safe when out driving on company business. Tyre Pressure Monitoring is just one way to keep the workforce safe.  By ensuring all vehicles tyres are checked on a regular basis a business can ensure that drivers vehicles are safe and not in danger of a blow out. Also under inflated tyres make a vehicle work harder and less efficiently costing the business more money.

PressurePro is an ideal way to ensure a vehicle’s tyres are running on the correct pressure. This device has sensors that simply screw onto the tyre’s valves . The sensors constantly read the tyre pressure and transmit the pressure reading to a monitor inside the vehicle.  When a low or high-pressure condition is sensed, the monitor displays the tyre location with a flashing light and sounds an audible alarm.

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