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Tyre Pressure Monitoring for Quarries

With tyres for an off road vehicle costing anything from £40k, tyre pressure monitoring is essential to avoid unnecessary blowouts. By investing as little as £400 (prices start from) in a PressurePro™ device, this could save a quarry thousands of pounds in replacement tyres.

PressurePro as used on quarry vehicles

PressurePro as used on quarry vehicles

Tyre Pressure monitoring is an important procedure for any quarry business. With




Advantage PressurePro™ are a leading provider and pioneer of Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems. PressurePro, which continually reads tyre pressures and reports readings via Radio Frequency (RF) Signals to a monitor in the cab, allows users to view current pressures whether the vehicle is parked or moving. Audible and visual alerts warn drivers to low or high tyre pressures, allowing drivers to report to a manager before tyres cause health & safety issues or plant incidents. Further to adding greater safety and convenience to vehicles, other significant benefits from maintaining the correct pressure include increased fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, decreased maintenance, diminished downtime and reduced emissions.


PressurePro™ has been a huge success in the USA and is now being used by more quarries around the world

We’ve been using the PressurePro wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for several months at our Osborne gold-copper mine Queensland, as well as one of our mines in Western Australia. The product has been found to be accurate, tough and easy to install, no special tools needed. Unlike manual systems, it operates 24/7, sitting or while the vehicle is moving. Drivers have been alerted to under-inflated tyres several times, thereby saving both tyres and downtime.

Dave Pafflin, Mobile Plant Maintenance Superintendent of Barrick Osborne gold-copper mine, Australia

PressurePro has been a huge success in many international markets thanks to the significant additions of safety and savings that it provides. aide automotive ltd are pleased to be established as the sole supplier for PressurePro™ in the UK.


aide automotive ltd  are the UK distributors for PressurePro.

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