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R Swain Fits Fuel Theft Devices

Determined to prevent fuel theft becoming a problem for its 250-strong vehicle fleet, R Swain & Sons Ltd recently became the latest large transport company to begin fitting TP Anti Syph units to its vehicles.

Although the company says fuel theft was only an occasional problem that occurred from time to time whilst vehicles were parked-up in lay-bys and truck parks, it was nevertheless keen to stamp it out altogether. The only problem to date with this plan was that it had been unable to find a device that worked effectively and that didn’t interfere with daily operations in the process.

Commenting on the decision, Barry Miller, the company’s Workshop Manager, said: “We were starting to use a competitor product when the TP Anti Syph had claimed to have the solution we were looking for, so we decided to give them a try.

“I was immediately impressed at how easy the TP Anti Syph units were to fit and delighted the units could be quickly transferred from fuel tank to fuel tank without damaging the tank neck. But most of all, I liked the fact that they stopped fuel theft immediately and didn’t in any way interfere with fuel filling operations. We have a fast filling pump here and the units cope well with its speed. There is never any splashback, nor any spillage.

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