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Low Cost Anti Truck Fuel Theft Product Range

December 18th, 2020

HGV Fuel security products provider aide automotive ltd has outlined the advantages of its new UltraValue budget anti-fuel siphon to help protect vehicles’ fuel tanks from thieves.

For a decade, aide auto has offered its aluminium UltraPlus premium anti-siphon device (ASD), during which time the product has been consistently improved and upgraded – including the advent of the double-layer stainless steel gauze to improve fuel speeds by 20 per cent, and the complementary drop-in anti-spill valve (ASV).

“The UltraPlus has become the de facto standard on new trucks across Europe.

“For many years we offered to the market our FuelKeepValue budget device; it was simple and did the job, but it was time to completely re-spec and re-design the device to become the top quality budget device on the market. Many competitor cheap devices simply do not stop fuel theft, are poorly constructed and would not protect truck warranties.”

With this procuts we wanted this to be OE standard and approved accordingly. We made many 3D models for fitment and flow testing, before committing to a few designs to produce in metal for OE testing.” said Matthew Burke Sales Director

In performance terms, aide auto wanted a rapid fill rate of 100lts/min, a robust construction and a price attractive to the market. Working closely with truck manufacturers, the company made modifications to ensure the product met the highest technical standards and warranty protections.

With a high-sheen nickel-coating finish to the fabricated steel construction, we had a device which performed very well and looked very good,

“We were delighted and our customers were delighted – it was worth the effort. Installation takes minutes and snap-off screws make the fit a permanent one.” Matt Burke continued.

Thus the UltraValue anti-siphon device was born. aide auto developed the 80mm version, which it says is the most popular single model, fitting most large and mid-size European trucks. The company has used this as its template for a range which includes external and internal versions from large trucks to commercial vans, and for European, American and Asian trucks.

The company reports that sales of the new UltraValue range in the first year were excellent, and with Covid-19 affecting all parts of the industry, predicts the budget device will sweep the market.

Heres what some customers said of the excellet FuelKeep product:

Jagelo Haulage of Ipswich tried the ASD & bought more.. “I have always been happy with your fuel anti syphon’s, always fairest price & best quality. Definitely worth feedback.”
“I did have a trial of a FuelKeep and so far happy with it, was as easy to fit and is as good quality as higher cost anti siphons…
Should this cost £32.50 I do feel its fair price and value for money.”
“I was so impressed with the first one, which was a bit of a test for my expedition truck, I thought I’d get a second one for the other fuel tank, your product is exceptionally well made and I’m really pleased, thank you!” Roland Ager

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