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Brake Tester for Trucks 4 DVSA Brake Tests Per Year

November 14th, 2014

Earlier this year the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) published a revised version of its Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

Probably the brake testing requirement is the biggest burden on operators, but using a decelerometer within the inspection is no more of an inconvenience to the inspection routine.
Since the revision aide automotive has seen a further interest in the portable decelerometer BrakeCheck. Many operators have enquired and purchased a PC or printer kit to meet to the guidance.
Although the guidance advises that a ‘calibrated roller brake tester‘ (RBT) is used on each safety inspection, the DVSA also accept the use of an approved and calibrated decelerometer to carry out the three additional tests to the annual MOT roller brake test.
As the consequences of non-compliance with the required standards can be very severe and include prohibition, fines or prosecution, operators are advised to ensure that they are familiar with all the changes within the DVSA guidance.
Decelerometers have moved on significantly from the old mechanical brake testers such as Tapley Brake Meters. Being electronic there is a much higher accuracy and additional information such as average deceleration, a left/right pull measurement, speed at braking and stopping distance. All tests are time and date stamped.
Print outs as preferred by the DVSA can be achieved by downloading to a PC or printing via the portable printer communicating over infra red with the BrakeCheck.
In addition to BrakeCheck Standard we can also offer BrakeCheck Plus Or BrakeCheck For Trailers, both these testers have a 99 test memory.
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