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Stolen Truck Wheel Prevention

September 9th, 2014

Wheel & Tyre Theft is The One Thing You Can’t Afford!

100 Wheels From Trucks Stolen In Feb 2014!!

As recently as February of this year more than 100 wheels from brand new trucks were stolen as part of a targeted and pre-planned raid on Auto Plates UK in Middlesbrough. The stolen wheels were fitted with Bridgestone 623 tyres, which are rare in the UK.

Thieves who have realised that almost any part of a truck – wheels, hubs, side panels, axles, catalytic converters, plastic chairs or the gold in the wiring looms – has a recyclable value.

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Wheel STOP It is an anti theft wheel nut that comes with a unique security code tailored to each individual customer.

Each nut is coded and is totally secure, it cannot be removed by anything other than the fastener socket bearing the matching encrypted Wheel Stop it Code.

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