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Bowmonk BrakeCheck

May 6th, 2014

More & More Commercial Vehicle Operators Purchase BrakeCheck To Complete Their Inspection Sheets.

Roger Jackson of Ensign Bus said “We have now purchased Bowmonk BrakeCheck for all our depots and find it a valuable addition to our workshops. To have the ability to carryout positive testing and to record actual results on an inspection sheet is very beneficial.”

Decelerometers have moved on significantly from the old mechanical brake testers such as Tapley Decelerometer. Being electronic there is a much higher accuracy and additional information such as average deceleration, a left/right pull measurement, speed at braking and stopping distance. All tests are time and date stamped.

BrakeCheck has been proven to be an excellent inspection sheet Bowmonk brake tester for all commercial vehicles, over 14000 testers sold since 2002. With many operators using the BrakeCheck to conduct a VOSA accepted brake test on every inspection.

BrakeCheck Truck & Trailer will brake test tractor units, rigid trucks and also incorporates a 99 test memory on the service, hand and trailer brake test, a total of 297 tests. The trailer brake test feature enables repairers and internal maintenance workshops to conduct an inspection sheet brake test of a commercial trailer.

Brake Efficiency Tester

Brake Tester Using Brake Efficiency to Report On Truck Brakes

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