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On Board Truck Cameras

October 10th, 2013
aide automotive offer a range of Incident cameras for trucks, buses, coaches & vans,
On Board Cameras could offer a way of saving many on increasing insurance policies.
Kevin Hopper, Yeardley managing director, said 24-hour continuous recording on the firm’s vehicle would help tackle ‘crash for cash’ fraud.
“It alleviates a lot of the doubt and, in some cases, immediately gives you a get out of jail card when it’s not your driver’s fault,” said Hopper. “With running left-hand drive trucks in the UK and abroad, anything we can do to help our drivers and reduce our insurance premium has got to be a big benefit.”
Hopper said the company has saved £25,900 on insurance costs this year by changing brokers and taking their advice about making changes, one of which was to install CCTV cameras in all the company’s vehicles, including its company cars. Yeardley vehicles are also fitted with lane change warning assist and nearside camera systems.
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