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Decelerometer Brake Tester For MOT

January 11th, 2012

BrakeCheck the UK’s Number 1 MOT Brake Tester (Decelerometer) is in the aide automotive’s January Sale !!
Used as a back up to the roller tester the BrakeCheck is an electronic tester that can be used to test vehicles that cannot go on the rollers or Quad, Trike bikes and Motorcycles.
Each MOT Garage requires a back up brake tester and aide automotive would like to offer this great deal to those who don?t have a tester or require upgrading their old mechanical meter such as a Tapley. Having the latest tools within the garage will be of benefit when VOSA carry out inspections.
BrakeCheck is easy to use and can also be downloaded to a PC or connected to a supplied printer for hard copy test reports at an optional cost, also for motorcycles a mounting clamp is required.

In the last year we have also seen garages part exchange the Auto Stop Mini, this is an electronic tester supplied by Tecalemit. As this tester is expensive to recalibrate and by reports hard to use, part exchanging to the BrakeCheck should pay back within 2 years.
To read more click on BrakeCheck for the main website page or click on www.brake-tester.co.uk for the dedicated website.

If you would like to purchase a BrakeCheck then call 0115 8456471 or send an email to shoponline@aideautomotive.com and we will call you back.

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