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MOT approved 13-Pin Towbar Tester

Towbar Testing¬†will be an essential part of the MOT tests from next year, VOSA regulations will come into force on 1st January 2012 and all towbars will need to be tested. aide automotive are stocking a 13-pin Towbar Tester to check the 13-pin electrical towing sockets fitted to vehicles with tow-bars. If the sockets are faulty, then trailer or caravan lights may not work. This device checks the output from each pin on the socket and determines if it’s working or not

The device enables the owner to test if all the lights are working and specifically if they;re not to determine which socket isn’t working so you can determine if it’s the fog lights, indicators, brake lights,

So if you have a caravan or trailer with a 13-pin, you’ll need one of these devices before the end of the year so you can ensure the lights are working correctly before you take your vehicle in for a MOT test otherwise it may fail!

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