Diesel Key News

Following Mercedes Dealer interest in the Mis fuelling Device Diesel Key, aide automotive are please to announce two new dealers to purchase  Diesel Key for their customers.




Orwell Truck & Van in Ipswich and Sharshatts of Kent have recently purchased a number of Diesel Keys.

With major fleet orders taken by aide automotive to fit the Walkers Snacks and Ginsters Sprinters there is an opportunity for any Mercedes dealer to offer this product to their customers and help against the FLEET HEADACHE OF MIS FUELLING!

aide automotive can help with marketing or promotional activities and with a free sample offer, Mercedes Dealers have an excellent opportunity to offer customers a major cost saving and a less hassle product to help keep a fleet on the road.

Diesel Key Approved by Mercedes Australia.

Following some driver feedback, we have been informed by some drivers that they believed the red cap needed to be screwed on as tight as virtually possible.

This is not the case; this cap needs to be screwed on with no excessive force and with one hand until the cap cannot be turned anymore.

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