Broken Airlines

Broken airlines are reported to be the cause of 10% of truck breakdowns, this is an expensive problem to transport firms as breakdown fees and down time could lead to missed delivery slots and fines. As transport companies struggle to survive in the current economic climate, any investment in products to assist this problem need to aid productivity by saving money and reducing vehicle downtime.

The Bessie Air Line Replacement System is designed to reduce breakdown down time, fees and missed delivery slots. As Bessie is effectively a normal airline with a quick release coupling on both ends a driver can replace a broken line within minutes and then be on the way to make that all important delivery time slot.

A quick and easy solution there is no need for tools or on road repairs just replace the faulty line with the Bessie Ait Line Replacement System. Bessie complies with all relevant technical standards including hose from an OEM supplier and has been tested by Mira with a formal high quality acceptance.

From a Health & Safety perspective the inspectorate are stating that no problems can be foreseen with using this replacement device as long as drivers are given an induction to the system. Bessie also complies with the latest European legislation as the tractor end is secured by pilfer-proof locks.

So aide automotive are offering a first purchase introductory offer for a limited period, take this offer to fit and test a Bessie to see how a Bessie could save thousands of pounds.

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