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Fuel theft device that prevents diesel spillage

There’s a new fuel theft device on the market that has the added bonus of preventing diesel spillage.

With ever increasing fuel prices, fuel theft becomes more common as fuel becomes a valuable commodity. There are many fuel theft devices on the market to give organisations the opportunity to prevent diesel theft from their fleet of vehicles. The new TP Spill Valve not only deters against the siphoning of fuel but also prevents diesel spillage. 

TP Spill Valve is a retro fit valve for the TP Anti Syph product range to stop diesel spillages. Easy to fit and ideal as an environmental proactive measurement, this simple step will make roads safer for all users. With Corporate Responsibility being top of most organisations’ agendas, this retro fit Spill Valve device gives businesses the chance to comply. Diesel spillage is a dangerous problem to all road users. Diesel spills can be as slippery as black ice and a potential hazard in particular to motorcyclists; just a few litres can cause a potentially lethal accident. Causing such a spillage can result in a  £5,000 fine, along with six points on your licence is the penalty for UK Spillages. You may also be liable for the costs of cleaning up the spill and repairing the road surface with your insurance premiums being affected. The worst case scenario can be a charge of corporate manslaughter.

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