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Diagnostic Tool for Trucks

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As electronic systems become a given on commercial vehicles, and modern trucks become far more sophisticated so does the development of diagnostic tools for trucks. These new diagnostic tools need to be capable of reliable inspection and troubleshooting for trucks.

The ECUs which manage the engine, transmission, braking systems, safety and security systems, are computers that are connected to external peripherals, sensors and actuators. Safe and reliable ECU operation is ensured by effective communication to and from these peripherals.

Vehicle systems and dash information systems are designed to warn the driver of possible problems with any of the ECU monitored systems.

aide automotive offer state of the art diagnostic equipment which enables the easy interaction with these sophisticated systems that exist in every vehicle today. So whatever the make and model of your truck or van, we have the diagnostic tool to diagnose the problem.

Examples of when diagnostic equipment is required on vehicles:

  • ABS/EBS systems
  • Diesel/engine management
  •  Electronic clutch calibration
  • Immobiliser
  • Engine adjustments
  • Body/cab systems
  • Dash and instruments
  • Air conditioning & climate control
  • Auto gearbox
  • Safety restraint systems (SRS) and airbags
  • Error deletion stored in ECU and service interval reset

aide automotive offers a PC based diagnostic kit, with diagnostic software for installation on either a personal or supplied PC, all truck and trailer cables are supplied in a protective case. aide automotive also offer a cost reduction by offering individual cables rather than the full kit, e.g. if your fleet only have DAF trucks then the DAF cable can be supplied singularly, this could save the user around 800 pounds from the full cable kit!

Like any diagnostic tool software updates are critical in communicating with latest trucks and trailer systems, the aide automotive Truck Diagnostic Kit is supplied with an annual update and an annual subscription.

aide automotive’s Truck Diagnostic Kit is ideal for in house workshops and commercial repairers to apply a diagnostic test and service to most trucks and trailers, cost effective against well known Texa systems, finance can be offered on purchasing the equipment to show a simple equation on a money return business service.

Contact aide automotive if you require an on site demonstration.

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