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Tyre Pressure Monitoring regular procedure on Waitrose fleet!

June 15th, 2010

Kuehne and Nagal  have purchased 1,000 Air Alert devices to implement tyre pressure monitoring on the vehicles they use for their Waitrose contract. Jas Sittre, Fleet Manager stated “We originally trialled the device to review improved fuel economy, we did see a small improvement but found the major benefits to be alerts to slow punctures and loss of pressure, this device will save down time and stop potential blow outs”. The product has had such an impact on this contract that they’re now looking to roll it out across their other contracts!


AirAlert is a cost saving device that helps eliminate the guesswork out of determining the correct tyre pressure. This device is simple to install directly onto your tyres and sends a reactive warning, by blinking when a loss of PSI occurs (4PSI for cars & 8 PSI for commercial vehicles), so just walking up to the vehicle will highlight an under inflated tyre.


Matt Burke, sales director of aide automotive the suppliers of Air Alert says “Checking tyre pressure on a regular basis is an important health and safety procedure.  Not only does it give peace of mind knowing that your tyres are inflated properly for optimum performance and handling it also assists in lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel use and saving tyre tread. The life of your tyre is extended due to less tread wear and protects and saves the tyre casing, reducing the chance of blowouts.”


Tyre Pressure Monitor Air Alert

Tyre Pressure Monitor Air Alert

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