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EBS ABS Brake Tester

May 6th, 2010

Ford & Slater the well known midlands DAF dealer, recently purchased 13 ISOCheck Test Leads for use in all depots.

ISOCheck is the ideal first step to check the electrical information that runs between a tractor unit and trailer. Whether the trailer is EBS or ABS the ISOCheck will check all voltages and earths on the ISO 7638 socket, if any pins are the ISO socket are incorrect the ISOCheck will light up RED, if all pins are correct the ISOCheck will light up GREEN.

ISOCheck is the ideal tool to save time and confusion by directing the user to the tractor unit or trailer.

The ISOCheck also checks the trailer and existing suzie, once the tractor unit is tested, turn the ISOCheck around so the indicator plugs into the trailer, again RED equals fault but with the trailer! Two greens and a ABS warning light on in the cab would suggest the existing suzie lead is at fault.

The ISOCheck is ideal for Ford & Slater as they can confirm tractor units are producing the correct information when under service or inspection, a quick and simple test rather than the confusion of using multimeters!

Contact aide automotive ltd for further information.

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