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Mis Fuelling an AdBlue Truck Tank

Truck Operators are seeing a new problem since the arrival of AdBlue.

Mis Fuelling the AdBlue tank with Diesel is a growing problem and major concern as the repair costs are resulting in thousands.

Some say you can’t get the diesel pump spout into the AdBlue tank filler neck–they’re different sizes. You don’t have to you only need to stick the nozzle into the hole pull the trigger and the splash-back from the gun as the cut-out works still goes into the tank and it’s enough to ruin the AdBlue.

AdBlue is highly susceptible to contamination and as little as 10ml of Oil present in a 70 litre fill can corrupt the system causing irreversible damage.

aide automotive will soon introduce an AdBlue Mis fuelling Device to stop Diesel contamination.

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