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Anti fuel theft device – false claims from TISS

UK Anti-Siphon Group have criticised press releases from TISS who are making false claims about their anti fuel theft device.

The Group which includes TruckProtect, aide automotive and Imexpart have released a statement in response to TISS press release.

The UK Anti-Syph Group states, “The recent TISS report points out that 8mm siphon tubes can pass through their fuel filling holes of their standard device, yet bizarrely, they claim it prevents fuel theft and is the best on the market.  This is a huge admission of test failure by TISS and a totally false report conclusion put into the press. Further, they falsely claim uniqueness and special claims for their floating ball device and when near identical devices are available in the market for half the price – and were not even included in their test.  The TISS press releases are an appalling distortion which misleads the transport sector”.

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TISS Anti Siphon Being Siphoned

TISS Anti Siphon Being Siphoned

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