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Fuel Theft increases with rocketing fuel prices

Motorists are being hit with the highest ever pre-Christmas fuel prices after diesel hit 5p a gallon for the first time in more than a year. Diesel has shot up nearly 12p a litre from its low price last January to reach an average 110p a litre.

Hauliers have also warned that more expensive fuel could push up shop prices, with retailers forced to pass on the higher costs to customers.The Freight Transport Association which represents 14,000 haulage companies said that these rising fuel costs would be impacting on businesses already suffering from the recession.

As prices rise and fuel becomes a valuable commodity the problem of fuel theft  becomes an increasing problem.

However for a small investment there  the perfect solution to such a problem. TP Anti Syph, this easy to fit device is  a preventative measure against thieves siphoning fuel from vehicles.

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