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BrakeCheck, ISOCheck & TrailerCheck on Finance


No matter what the size of your organisation, cash flow is something every business needs to manage. Leasing allows you to keep your cash in the bank to use for more urgent, less tax efficient requirements.



A lease agreement is a contract between the customer (Lessee) and a bank (Lessor). The customer agrees to rent the equipment over a set period until all payments are made.


Here at aide automotive we offer a leasing option on all purchases over £1,000, this can be one single product or a combination of products. All lease payments are classed as rentals and are therefore an allowable business expense. This means that every lease payment can be offset 100% against taxable profits to reduce the tax you pay and therefore saving you money. For example if a company has made a profit of £100,000 in a financial year, but in the same year made payments on a lease totalling £5,000 – they would only be taxed on £95,000 of their profits, therefore saving money! You will typically claim back 22-40% of the payments made on a lease – which is why so many people do it!



The payments you make on a lease would be monthly so for example if you purchased a BrakeCheck, ISOCheck, ABS Tester and  TrailerCheck the total cost would be £1,573.00


However if you leased these products from aide automotive you could spread the cost with monthly amounts you’d pay back would be


3 years – 12.89 per week

5 years – 8.53 per week


For more information on using leasing as a payment option please call our sales team now on

0115 845 6471 or visit aideautomotive 



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