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Trailer Light Tester

November offer for all those organisations looking for a good test guage which will identify any faults in an EBS/ABS braking system, 10% off Orders for Trailer Check II.


TrailerCheck II determines the electrical integrity of lighting circuits, the ABS Warning light and ISO CAN Lines.




Using a tractor unit to carry out a trailer test is not as effective as the TrailerCheck as the tractor unit is not guaranteed to be a 100% working unit. TrailerCheck eliminates the indecision and confirms the trailer’s fault.

TrailerCheck II versatilty means it can easily be used by a commercial repairer or on a multi service lane workshop.  It’s portable so can be used whilst out and about and it’s batteries can be re charged by mains power or via a vehicle’s cigarette lighter




Priced at only £ 1,295.00 + VAT aide automotive is offering a 10% discount off all units sold in November.

 Follow this link for full information on the TrailerCheck II offer or for a full product range visit aide automotive

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