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ISOCheck User Guide

aide automotive take please in posting the user guide for the ISOCheck.

When using the ISOCheck on a tractor and trailer, please make sure all health & Safety procedures are in place.

The ISOCheck is not a diagnostic tool, the test lead will quickly identify where the fault is .i.e. on a tractor unit, a trailer or the existing Susie lead.

Testing a Tractor Unit

Firstly make sure the ignition is off in the tractor unit, remove the existing Susie lead that is fitted into the ISO socket.

Apply the ISOCheck test lead to the ISO socket on the tractor unit, fit the end with the clear perspex and writing that says GREEN OK & RED Fault to the ISO Socket,, for future reference this is called “the Indicator”.

Turn on the ignition, with all voltages and earths correct and also the ABS warning light circuit the Perspex end will light up GREEN. If any of the voltages, earths or warning light circuit is incorrect then the Perspex end will light up RED, this indicates a fault with the tractor unit.

Testing the Susie Lead

We are not going to test the existing Susie lead as such, just eliminate the lead.

Turn the ignition off; remove the Perspex end from the ISO socket.

Now plug the opposite end of the ISOCheck lead into the truck ISO socket.

Turn the ignition on in the truck, the ISOCheck Perspex / free end should light up, if GREEN all is OK, if RED then there is a fault.

If the lead showed GREEN in the ISO Socket and now RED then the ISOCheck lead has a fault.

Testing the Trailer

Turn the truck ignition off.

Plug the ISOCheck Perspex end into the trailer, turn on the ignition.

The trailer warning light should come on on the truck dash board and the ISOCheck will light up RED.

The warning light should go out after 2 seconds and the ISOCheck will go GREEN, this means the trailers braking system is working at standstill.

If the warning light stays on, then drive the tractor and trailer above 10KPH, the warning light should go out and the ISOCheck will go GREEN. This proves the braking system is working correctly.

If all is working correctly and there is still an ABS fault light, this would mean the existing Susie lead is probably faulty.

If the tester stays RED after a drive, stop the unit and trailer and remove he ISOCheck from the trailer. If the tester stays RED there is a power supply fault from the tractor unit or warning light fault, if the ISOCheck goes GREEN then there is a fault in the trailer system.

To read & clear ABS Codes from a trailer, use the TrailerCheck II & Code Reader

To quickly identify ABS Sensor faults use the EBS/ABS Sensor Tester

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