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Decelerometer Brake Tester

aide automotive is giving customers the chance to purchase  BrakeCheck by the end of October to avoid price increase!  The current pricw has remained the dame since 2002.

BrakeCheck is a popular seller at aide automotive.   A  portable battery-powered device that can be used by vehicle workshops, government traffic authorities, testing and inspection stations to test and report on vehicle brake efficiency. It’s VOSA & MOT approved. VOSA are continually advising operators, commercial repairers and in house workshops to complete regular inspection sheet brake test. BrakeCheck will conduct a service, secondary & parking brake test with ease and store in its memory for later printing via PC or portable printer.

Click Brake Tester for full information on the BrakeCheck

As from the 1st November the price of BrakeCheck is increasing from £350 to £389. All orders before the 1st of November will be honoured at the £350 rate.

So order yours now at aideautomotive


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