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Fresnel lens Is Fitted to 140 trucks

June 4th, 2009

Keystone Distribution UK has fitted the Fresnel lens to its fleet of 14o trucks.

The Fresnel Lens is a clear, thin, flat plastic lens that is press fitted to a truck’s passenger door window to help drivers tackle the truck mirror “blind-spot” problem.

Keystone’s transport manager decided to fit the┬álens as it offers an extremely effective and economical safety aid to each truck and helps the driver cover all blind spot areas.

The Lens is a simple, effective product and can be used on virtually any type of vehicle that is susceptible to blind spots, whether left or right hand drive. Blind spots are big enough to hide a small family saloon. The Fresnel Lens is backed by VOSA, The Department of Transport, The Highways Agency and Border & Immigration Agency.

aide automotive are apporved suppliers of the Fresnel Lens.

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