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Wayne Rooney grinds to halt after ‘filling car with wrong petrol’

April 8th, 2009

Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney filled his wife’s Range Rover up with the wrong type of petrol and subsequently broke down, it was reported today.

Rooney, who is married to model and TV presenter Coleen McLoughlin, was driving from Liverpool to Prestbury in Cheshire when he was forced to pull over on the M62.

The customised Range Rover Sport V8 has a turbo-diesel engine – but the 23-year-old filled it up with unleaded petrol. This mistake can cost in the thousands to rectify.

An onlooker said the traffic was going quite slowly at that time so “we got a good look”.

“The hazard lights were flashing on the car and Wayne was standing talking to a Highways Agency patrol driver,” the driver said. “He looked pretty sheepish.”

Rooney has an extensive collection of cars including a BMW M6, Aston Martin Vanquish and a Bentley among others. Keeping up with the footie stars cars would reportedly be worth over £1 million.

All Wayne had to do was fit RightFuel the preventive miss fuelling gadget.

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