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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring


Unparalleled safety. Better fuel efficiency. Longer tyre life. Maximum performance … and you thought tyre pressure was just a bunch of hot air.


Convenience – Full-time tyre monitoring means you can check your tyre pressures from the safety and comfort of the driver’s seat. It also reduces the possibility of time-consuming tyre repairs and ill-timed flats.


Pressure Pro & AirAlert tyre monitoring systems deliver the same benefits to drivers whether they are behind the wheel of a passenger car, a powerful off-road mining truck, or a high speed race car.


Safety – Incorrect tyre pressures can compromise the stability of a vehicle, its handling and braking and, in extreme cases, could contribute to an accident. Also, most non-crash auto fatalities occur while drivers are changing flat tyres.


Fuel economy – Under inflated tyres are costing you money. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, a tyre with an inflation level just two psi below the optimum level measurably increases fuel consumption.


Protection – tyre monitoring protects against damage to expensive tyres and wheels.


Performance – When tyre pressure is kept at proper levels, optimum vehicle braking, steering, handling and stability are realized.


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