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Jagelo Haulage A Loyal Customer Likes FuelKeep

February 5th, 2021

Jagelo Haulage a loyal customer who likes the FuelKeep so much its now a standard fit.

Thanks to Vytautas who recently sent through some before & after photos of the FuelKeep install on a new addition to the truck fleet.

FuelKeep is aide automotive’s low cost Anti Siphon device to protect HGV diesel. Jagelo Haulage have been adding a device to all trucks in the fleet, this is what they say:

Jagelo Haulage
“I did have a trial of a FuelKeep and so far happy with it, was as easy to fit and is as good quality as higher cost anti siphons…
Should this cost £32.50 I do feel its fair price and value for money.”

With just 2 of the FuelKeep Anti Siphons left for a low cost trial & test..

From the 50 ASD’s we had to off load to prove the product just 2 are left. We have seen some great photos & response to the products qualities & ease of fitting.

So if you have the need to protect your fuel from those pesky thieves then jump on board & try a FuelKeep today.

So if you want to test & see for your self, buy one now at : FuelKeep HGV Anti Fuel Theft Offer

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Haulage Trucks Fit Anti Siphon
Jagelo Haulage A Loyal Customer Stops Fuel Theft
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