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Commercial 24 Volt Trailer Tester Van Installation

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

MT Globex Contract aide To Install TrailerCheck To Fleet Van

MT Globex is a West Midlands company that is strategically located at the heart of the UK’s motorway network, further supported by several partner depots across the UK.
MT Globex’s modern, highly maintained fleet of vehicles ensure that all their distribution operations are vastly efficient for customers with a minimal environmental footprint. Due to cutting edge, industry leading satellite tracking technology combined with fully trained transport planners with a wealth of transport knowledge, MT Globex ensure the fleet is fully utilised and thereby reducing empty mileage.
With a fleet of trailers to maintain MT Globex reviewed the TrailerCheck 4 Vanselectrical and diagnostics trailer tester as a tool to improve on trailer inspections and repairs.
Deciding to purchase the trailer tester, the next questions was: How and where shall we install the TrailerCheck in our van?
Consulting aide automotive, MT Globex decided the contract the install of the TrailerCheck to aide, utilising our experience and knowledge of best practice.
Fitting the TrailerCheck and associated accessories, MT Globex asked: Can you install the compressor as well? YES we can !
The install was completed at our workshop (on site installs also available) in one day.
If your trailer maintenance van needs a professional trailer tester with a professional install, contact aide automotive for a quote.
14 Volt Trailer Brake Tester

Commercial 24 Volt Trailer Tester Van Installation

JUST Trailer Diagnostics!

August 7th, 2017 Comments off

Trailer Diagnostics Wabco, Haldex & Knorr Bremse

SWB Fleet Maintenance Waste No Time In Using New Trailer Diagnostics Kit

Aftermarket Trailer Diagnostics device “Code Talk” is an ideal cost effective trailer diagnostic tool to quickly read and clear codes on EBS/ABS braking system.
The hand set will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex systems. With this trailer workshops can eliminate fault finding by reading the ECU codes to determine where a fault lies. Being able to clear historic codes is ideal within a service and inspection. Knowing a system is clear and then reviewing to see that faults the ECU has recorded is beneficial.
SWB Fleet of Colsterworth near Grantham recently purchased a system for onsite repairs.
It wasn’t long before the Code Talk was in use and SWB tweeted…
“Delivered on a Saturday SWB Fleet tweeted later that week “@SwbFleet completing another roadside repair for @MillersRec using my new EBS kit thanks to @aideautomotive #24/7 #tryme”
Code Talk Is The Only JUST Trailer Diagnostics Scanner Available.
To purchase the Trailer Diagnostics product “Code Talk” via our online PayPal shop – Click On Purchase Trailer Diagnostics
More From aide automotive’s Matthew Burke on 0115 8456471 or
Trailer ECU Code Reader

Trailer Diagnostics With Code Talk a ECU Code Reader


aide Introduce a PayPal Online Shop For Products & Accessories

July 12th, 2017 Comments off

Commercial Vehicle Product Online Shop

aide Introduce a PayPal Online Shop For Products & Accessories

aide automotive have moved forward with a refresh on the websites category pages with the addition of a Online PayPal SuperMarket.

The Online SuperMarket can be found from the homepages navigation bar toward the top of the homepage, simple to use the shop utilises PayPal as the payment merchant. With the option to buy single or multiple items with ease, the SuperMarket will keep growing as new products are introduced or updates become available.
At present the Bowmonk BrakeCheckEBS/ABS Sensor Tester, TrailerCheck, TestaTow, Susie Easy Grips, Truck Anti Siphons, Truck Fresnel Lens, Truck 5th Wheel Lube Liner ISOCheck‘s are available now.
Further exsisitng products will be added soon, but to see all products available please click on aide automotive’s Online SuperMarket.
If you prefer to purchase with the personnel touch, please do not hesitate to call us on 0115 8456471, we accept cards as an alternative to PayPal.
Purchase A Bowmonk BrakeCheck Online

Online PayPal Purchase @ aide automotive

24 volt Commercial Trailer ECU Diagnostics

June 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Trailer ECU Diagnostics

Code Talk Featured In Truck & Bus Product Focus

The latest Truck & Bus Product Focus feature “Vehicle Diagnostics” was released this week with aide automotive’s Trailer Diagnostics product Code Talk featured.
Truck & Bus Product Focus was launched in 2008, having an 13,900+ email database. Truck & Bus Product Focus is a weekly email newsletter to the commercial vehicle industry.
Truck & Bus Product Focus achieves an average open rate of 22.3%. The average for business to business is 5%-15%.
aide automotive’s product advert is detailed below:
JUST Trailer Diagnostics!
The Only JUST Trailer Diagnostics Scanner Available
Code Talk is an ideal cost effective trailer diagnostic tool to quickly read and clear codes on EBS/ABS trailer braking system.
The trailer diagnostics hand set will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Haldex ABS, EBS Gen 1 & 2 & 3 Knorr-Bremse EBS Gen 1 & G2, WABCO ABS, TEBS ‘D’ & Latest ‘E’. Trailer EBS systems are accessed via the ISO socket.
Simple to use and operate, Code Talk makes trailer diagnostic maintenance an affordable option to any repairer or fleet workshop.
Code Talk – Trailer Diagnostics is supplied as a stand-alone purchase.
No Annual Fees!
All Cables Included!
Covers All Brake Systems!
To read more please click on JUST Trailer Diagnostics
ECU Trailer Code Reader

24 Volt Commercial Trailer Diagnostics Haldex Wabco Knorr Bremse

Truck & Trailer Brake Testing With An Infra Red Gun

March 22nd, 2017 Comments off

For Christmas 2016 aide automotive are offering a GIVE AWAY deal!

We have 4 Infra Red Temperature Guns to Give Away via a simple question.
Firstly though; Why An Infra Red Temp Gun??
Infra Red Temperature guns are a excellent Brake Tester for checking individual wheel disks or drums to determine brake activation.
We have heard that the DVSA often recommend the use of Infra Red Temperature Guns and see them as good practice in any Commercial Vehicle Fleet or Truck Workshop.
With the ease of just pointing the Infra Red Light at the wheel hub from the outer edge of a trailer or truck and without removing wheels, an infra Red Temp Gun can indicate if a wheel is not braking efficiently as compared to the other wheels on the vehicle.
We have reports of one Truck Driver stating “Been stopped about 10 times in my driving career over 30 years, the last time, he pointed a thermometer at my wheel hubs & explained to me that one was running cool, meaning that is wasn’t doing its job, I was amazed by the technology, didn’t realise that you could get a temperature reading with a laser/infrared light without even touching the hub. Got the workshop to adjust the brakes when I got back to the yard”
So if you want an early Christmas pressie, email us on with the answer to this question.
The DVSA Now recommend 4 Commercial Vehicle Brake tests per year using an RBT or decelerometer; whats does RBT stand for?
DVSA Method Of Road Side Truck Brake Check

Use An Infra Red Temp Gun For Brake Testing

Commercial Trailer Brake Pressure Adjustments Easy

March 8th, 2017 Comments off

TrailerCheck 4 Vans Has Many Advantages Over DIY Trailer Light Testers

aide automotive‘s TrailerCheck 4 Vans has many advantages over DIY trailer light testers, one such advantage is the “Remote Hand Held Air Brake Activator”.
As we all know a load sensing valve adjusts the brake pressure relative to the load on the vehicle. Testing this valve is essential prior to MOT or on trailer inspection.
TrailerCheck 4 Vans incorporates a “Remote Hand Held Air Brake Activator” which combines a digital pressure gauge with push button brake control; Load Sensing Valve adjustment or test can be carried out accurately and quickly by one person.
Switching brakes on and off Via the Remote Air Brake Activator, allows the user to look for wear in s cams and faulty slack adjusters. The digital pressure gauge measures pressure at the brake chamber, ideal for setting load sensing valves.
To read the full TrailerCheck product detail, click on TrailerCheck Load Sensing Valve Tester
Trailer Brake EBS ABS Maintannce

TrailerCheck Makes Brake Pressure Adjustments Easy

DVSA Recommend 4 Truck, Bus & Coach Brake Tests Per Year

December 8th, 2016 Comments off

No more inspection sheets with “Brakes OK, On Road Test”

Since April 2014 the DVSA have been recommending commercial vehicles undertake 4PSV or  Truck brake tests per year!

Many operators have moved with the guidance but still over 2 years passed many commercial vehicle operators are unaware of the guidance.

The guidance states:

Document :Guide to maintaining road worthiness
Commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles (Revised 2014)

Section 5: Safety inspection and repair facilities

Extract –
“Therefore it is normally expected that the vehicle or trailer should complete at least three successful brake efficiency tests spread throughout year in addition to the annual MOT test.”

An operator can take the decision to carry out brake tests using roller brake tests or a decelerometer like BrakeCheck.

Many bus & coach companies use a decelerometer, here at aide automotive we have sold many brake testers recently with feedback from one customer saying:

“A necessary piece of kit in today’s transport, does the job perfectly – Inwood Logistics”

BrakeCheck is portable brake tester that works from the principle of measuring deceleration or Brake Efficiency, BrakeCheck is cost effective for any commercial vehicle workshop costing as low as £470 for a PC Downloading Kit & £572 for a printer kit, BrakeCheck is ideal!

To discuss BrakeCheck options and requirements please do not hesitate to contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471


Truck Inspection Brake Tester

MOT Test Station in the area to be able to offer testing for HGVs and PSVs

Trailer Brake Tester Trolley NEW

October 25th, 2016 Comments off

aide automotive Introduce a NEW Workshop Trolley For The TrailerCheck

The TrailerCheck 4 Vans Commercial Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester is part of the TrailerCheck product range.

TrailerCheck has been installed in many commercial trailer repair vans around the UK in the last few years, but now aide automotive can offer a collapsible workshop trolley for easy commercial workshop trailer testing.

With 240 volt power supply options, the TrailerCheck can be used for multiple trailer bay MOT inspections or repair & fault finding diagnostics.


aide auto Introduce a NEW Workshop Trolley For The TrailerCheck

Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Says “TrailerCheck Is A Superb bit of Kit”

October 3rd, 2016 Comments off

Trailer Inspections Using TrailerCheck

Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Says “TrailerCheck Is A Superb bit of Kit”

aide automotive recently supplied a TrailerCheck & Code Talk Diagnostic System to Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd.

Owener Charlie is so impressed with the kit he recently Tweeted “Another day on trailer inspections using @aideautomotive van trailer check system. Superb bit of kit”.

24 Volt Trailer Light Tester

Trailer Inspections Using TrailerCheck
STT Says “TrailerCheck Is A Superb bit of Kit”

To see further details of the Trailer Light & Air Brake Tester click on TrailerCheck.

Also feel free to call 0115 8456471 to enquire.

Trailer Diagnostics Feature

August 1st, 2016 Comments off

Transport Operator Features Trailer Diagnostics For Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd

Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd boosts diagnostic efficiency with aide

Pudsey, Leeds-based mobile CV repairer Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd has invested in the TrailerCheck 4 Vans light and air brake testing system from aide automotive, with Code Talk diagnostics.

Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd researched various diagnostics systems before deciding on the TrailerCheck system, as the TrailerCheck has the capability to power multiple trailers and carry out ECU diagnostic analysis.

Designed to be mounted in a van or a workshop, the TrailerCheck is a one-man trailer service tool. In trailer light diagnostic mode a single circuit can be powered for fault-finding. TrailerCheck is also protected against short circuits; in this instance, the microprocessor will keep resetting with a back up fuse as protection.

The unit also incorporates two air test gauges, with a handheld remote brake activator and digital pressure gauge – meaning that a single trailer service engineer can work under a trailer, activating brakes and reading pressures.

Switching brakes on and off allows the user to look for wear in S-cams and faulty slack adjusters. The digital pressure gauge measures pressure at the brake chamber, ideal for setting load sensing valves.

EBS trailers can be tested for CAN line integrity, a quick and simple test to confirm the CAN lines are in working order.
STT opted to include the Code Talk trailer diagnostic tool as part of the package, which can read and clear codes on EBS and ABS braking systems.

The Trailer Diagnostics handset will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing fault codes on Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex systems. With no annual software fee and up gradable for future-proofing, the system is said to eliminate the need for code manuals or expensive phone calls, since all the information is within the system.

Code Talk is supplied with all cables to communicate with trailer ECUs and with an optional carry case.

To see further details of the Trailer Light & Air Brake Tester click on TrailerCheck.

Also feel free to call aide automotive ltd on 0115 8456471 to enquire.


Trailer tester For Commercial Trailer Repairers

Code Talk is the next generation of trailer diagnostics from aide automotive ltd.